Immortal Defense OST (Soundtrack)

The soundtrack of Immortal Defense was composed by Walter Eres and Long Dao and arranged by Long Dao. Walter Eres is a composer in the classical style, and Long Dao is a remixer at Overclocked Remix.

You can download the soundtrack in MP3 format here.

It's 44 MB, so it may take awhile to download. It contains about 30 minutes of music.

1 - A Winter's Journey
2 - Between Stars
3 - Breach the Desolate
4 - Deep Space
5 - Dreams of Sul Tasto Legato
6 - Eternity
7 - Galactic Attack
8 - Hope from the Whimsical Path
9 - Starship
10 - Sul Astro
11 - Tactics

Two tracks from the game do not appear in this collection. The stage select song by Helen Humes (Song of the Wanderer), which is in the public domain, and the final ending song by Crazy Mary, Charging with Blinders, which is available on their website.

You can also listen to the soundtrack on YouTube.

The game's soundtrack has also been featured on II Music.