Immortal Defense — a Tower Defense Game

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Is there anything you would give up everything to defend? Immortal Defense is a story-driven strategy-based game in which you give up life to traverse pathspace and defend your home world from destruction. Immortal Defense was acclaimed 2007 Strategy Game of the Year by, and praised by many others for its storytelling and unique twist on the strategy genre.

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"The brief text sequences between levels carries the story--to fight in "pathspace," you have foregone your body and normal existence, and the concerns of the people who are sworn to defend seem increasingly irrelevant to you, in this very different existence. I typically think this kind of backstory is irrelevant (and often poorly written), but here it's almost haunting--nicely done." - Greg Costikyan

"Note that this game's demo is BEEFY. 30 some levels out of the full game's 90-some with access to all 10 difficulty levels. You could probably squeeze 3-5 hours out of this demo if so inclined." -

"I’m not proposing the game would be better in the first person, Thornton clearly intended me to have these intense moments of reflection while playing. But at the same time, I’m not sure what to make of a game that induces them by blasting me out of the experience. Should a video game ever do this? I don’t really know." -

"Immortal Defense is only a game, but it touches many quite serious subjects - like protecting the family, barrier between gratitude and worship, limits of responsibility, loneliness, memory and love. Actually the game seems like a stylish metaphor of human life, gameplay aside." - Thomas Grochowiak, independent game developer, designer at Codeminion

"I think this was maybe the second game where a specific piece of text haunted me late, after completion. "What can change the nature of a man?" was the first - if you know what game that's from, you'll like Immortal Defense." - Play This Thing

"Immortal Defense is a very well designed game that is easy to control and has a lot of replay value because of the freedom granted to the user. The limited suite of points you have to choose from means you have to (gasp!) think about your placement and how your points will work together to destroy the enemies." - Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

"In it, you play as a guy warped into some weird ethereal world in which you make towers that blow shit up out of your emotions." -

"This is a game that will force you stop. It will force you think about the world around you, your very mortality and the price you would pay to become immortal. It will LIE to you on a level that Portal never would have dared to go. And you know what the worst part is? You will KNOW it’s lying to you. You will know it is all a lie but you will not want to believe it. Even as it becomes clearer and clearer – even as the inevitable comes right into your sight and starts to strangle your very mind, you will refuse to believe it." - The Angry Pixel

"As the member of a peaceful civilisation you live on the planet Dukis. All is going well until one day when an alien race, the Bavakh, launch a full scale invasion against your homelands with a force so superior in both technology and sheer number that all seems lost. Seizing the opportunity, the Bavakh's own slave race, the Raberata, defect to your side with the secrets of path defence. As the only hope against the invasion, path defence is adopted quickly and volunteers are called for to enter pathspace. In doing so, they must leave their physical bodies in stasis, and manifest themselves in pathspace as godlike ethereal beings. As the story progresses it's fair to say that the Bavakh might be the least of your worries, but I won't spoil the imaginative storyline - you'll just have to play it to find out. Let the game begin. -

System requirements: Windows XP or Vista, DirectX 8.0 or later, 128MB+ RAM, 1.0GHZ+ CPU, 32MB+ videocard.

Mac version coming soon.